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Marty with supporters and the Rehoboth Beach Band Stand
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A Note from Marty

I'm Ready to Work for You!

Marty Rendon in a yellow t-shirt

I launched my Campaign for RD-14

at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand—

where we gather as a community, set aside our differences and celebrate what unites us. That's the kind of leader I'll be, and I hope you'll join us as we take “The Spirit of the Bandstand” to Dover!

Background Photograph by Ron Shawley

  • Meet our environmental challenges

  • Address overdevelopment and traffic congestion

  • Expand the availability of health care

  • Preserve all our civil rights and advance equality

  • Enhance opportunities for small businesses

Marty Rendon, a Commissioner on the Delaware Human and Civil Rights Commission, is running to serve the Delaware 14th Representative District. He will use his experience in Delaware and years of legislative work with Congress and for UNICEF USA to:

Marty in the News

I think it pays to have somebody who actually knows the ropes. Someone who knows how to pass a bill, knows how you work with legislators, knows how you work with advocacy groups, knows how you build momentum for a cause and how you go to the halls of the legislature and advocate for something. That’s my specialty."

- Marty in the Washington Blade


Marty Rendon knocking doors
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